Aux amoureux de l’île de Formose, une invitation à la découverte le 17 janvier à Paris

Une journée d’études consacrée à Taïwan : histoire, mémoire, identité le mardi 17 janvier de 10h00 à 17h00 au Musée Guimet de Paris. Un rendez vous à ne pas manquer! Située au cœur des routes commerciales d’Asie orientale, Taïwan connut un destin troublé par les ambitions de ses proches et plus lointains voisins. Comptoir commercial […]


TW : 10 ans déjà, préambule – avignon off 2016

Voici dix ans que Taïwan écume le Off avignonnais afin de montrer les créations insulaires de ce beau pays : en 10 ans, nous en avons vu passer des jeunes artistes taiwanais – moins de 40 ans pour la plupart- et les créations qu’ils proposaient étaient bien souvent de belle facture. Citons nos amis des Ten […]

Made in Asia Toulouse, a 5th Edition turned to Taiwan From January 25 to February 10

Created in 2008, by Didier Kimmoun, worn by the association Tchin-tchine, the festival Made in Asia attempts to present Asian cultures in France. This year proposes to highlight Taiwan contemporary creation through its most talented artists, Hsu Yen Ling and Wang XinXin. This Edition will host dance performances, contemporary theatre and puppets shows, concerts, exhibitions […]


Farewell my concubine By the National Guo Guang Opera Company – Taipei- Taiwan Directed and written by Wang An Chi With Sheng Chien as Xiang Yu and Chen Mei Lan as consort Yu, Chun An Li as the phantom of consort Yu Tropentheatre, Amsterdam on the 15th, 16thand 17th September 2011 at 20:30 / Tickets: […]

The Legend Lin company

The songs of pensive beholding By The Legend Lin Dance Company Choreography: Ms Lin Length: 2 hours Touring: Maison de la Culture d’Amiens 10 november 2011 / 20:30 Theatre National de Chaillot 17 et 18 november 2011 /20:30 – first coming at Chaillot !!! Maison de la Danse Lyon 23, 24, 25 and 26 november […]


Take care Directed by HSU YEN LING Taipei Blooming production Length:  1 hour and 30 minutes “Take care” is the first production of TAIPEI BLOOMING, a theatre group founded by Hsu Yen Ling last year: the show will be performed in Guling Avant Garde Theatre from 2011 July 1st to 2011 July 10th. The main […]


By Katherine H. Chou Inspired from Li Yu’s Silent Opera Performed in Chinese with English subtitles 29-31th JULY 2010 at 19:30 Except Sunday at 14:30 and 19:30 At the Metropolitan Hall – Taipei – TAIWAN Tickets: 500,600,800,1000,1500,2000 NT This contemporary creation inspired by an ancient text relates the Chinese Nanfeng Fashion in two different times […]


ndeed! So “kitsch” and cute sopranos… At the ET, on the 23-25 July was presented to the audience two short operas buffa, put on stage by Mark Ross Clark, sung by young lyrical singers. The first one, composed by Salieri, is named ‘Prima la Musica, Poi la parole’… and has been sung in Italian: it […]


Directed by Cho Li Produced by Yeh Jufeng With Ning Chang (the photographer), Zhu Zhi Ying (the writer), Wen Sheng Hao (the husband), Chou Heng Yin (the lover) and Michelle Krusiec (the wife) An Ocean Deep Films production Released in DVD the 16th July 2010 Mystified truth in Taipei City… Zoom Hunting deals with the […]


A spiritual trip through times, voyage initiatique… Alex Cheung, inspired by Buddhism, imagined a spiritual show mixing live performances such as traditional drums, musical ballade, acrobatic dance and comic acting including workshop and meditation. The show talks about 2012 and the tragic prophecy revealed by many prophets who said this year will be apocalyptic… Does […]


Into the depth of human thought… Joyce presents until the 8th August at l’Oranger Gallery, based in Chang An East Road, a very surprising and questioning exhibition. Inspired by Balthus, her favorite painter, Dali, Magritte and Picasso, most of surrealist painters, she tries to show in her paintings the ‘schizophrenia’ that lies inside of us, […]


Le Drame de Pan Yu lin, a Chinese ‘avant-garde’ early 20th Century Painter La peintre Yu lin (in madarin with english subtitles) Playwright: An Chi Wang/Composer: An Chang Chien Conductor: Wing Sie Yip/Stage direction: Juliette Deschamps Musical interpretation by the National Symphony Orchestral With Chu Tai Li (in alternance with Mewas Kin) as Yu lin […]


Text: F. Dupuy/Art direction: Franck Dimech With Uenping Juan and Jung Shih Chou “Jumel” had been presented at Gulling Theatre on the third week of June 2010 in a new version: all tickets were already sold out and the audience seemed to be satisfied and pleased by the performance of the two actresses. Because the […]


Dans la solitude des champs de coton B.M. Koltes By M. Wing Company Art Direction: Huan Hiusi Li With Yen Ling Hsu, Fa, Ching Ju Wei, Fsaye Leong and Hsuen Huei Shih   The art director decided to present a weird version of the well known theatre play written by Koltes, a french author who […]


Adapted from Baudelaire’s poems By The RIVERBED THEATRE Art direction: Greg Quintero With Felicia Huang, Li Mei Chung, Heui Ling Jan, Su ling Yeh, Gillian Hemme, Guy Magen and Cheryl Quintero June 2010/National Theatre, Taiwan Avignon off 2010 Welcome into the depth of the flowers of evil Greg Quintero is with Su ling Yeh one […]